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Description:"I have a favorite vibrator that I use with one of my big toys, but I can get off with just the vibrator," said beautiful, sexy Naughty Alysha, who in this video can be seen stuffing her spectacular, world famous pussy with giant toys, the kind of toys that most women would run away from. Not Alyssa. She stuffs them inside her well-greased cunt with the greatest of ease, earning our eternal admiration. Alysha told us that "the pussy is an amazing muscle," and she really proves it here. This is one of the most intimate videos of Alysha we've ever seen. The camera gets right in there, and you can hear her pussy squishing, see her pussy expanding. Some basic facts about Alysha: She's 5'6", 135 pounds and measures 36DD-27-38, which is very impressive for a woman of any age, no less a 40-year-old. She's married. She has kids. They know what she does for a living, which is this. She wears bras as infrequently as possible. And she likes to go to parties wearing short skirts and tops that show lots of cleavage. By "parties," she means swingers parties. Yeah, she's a swinger. Big surprise, eh? Her perfect day? "A beach, a glass of Pinot Grigio and quiet." She didn't mention giant toys. We presume those come later.
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