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Description:A customer walks in to Natalie's store asking to get a better look at a red jacket hanging on the wall. Instead, he ends up getting an eyeful of Natalie's round, perky ass cheeks peeking out from under her tiny skirt. He tries to be slick but Natalie catches him in the act. Luckily, she's just as horny as he is, and pretty soon, Natalie's itty bitty titties and extra-pink pussy make their way into the customer's mouth. She let's him go to town for a while and then reciprocates by giving him a sloppy, wet blow job, letting saliva drip down her lips while she takes his hard cock in her teenage mouth. After a while, she's ready for a deep dicking and rides her new fuckbuddy cowgirl style. He slaps her ass and Natalie screams out "Yes! Yes!" while her girl-cum coats his cock with every thrust. At one point he even carries her around the store while still nailing her pussy hard. It all cums to a close when Natalie's chest gets covered in sticky, white jizz.
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