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Description:This is a historic meeting between two of the world's greatest bra-busters. "I think I could be looking at the next Linsey Dawn McKenzie. I'd better be careful," thinks Linsey when she eyes Ines joining her at poolside. "Do you mind if I have a look at your boobs?" They compare amazing tits. They compare their asses. They get chummy-chummy and adjourn to a cooler, grotto-styled area by the pool. The girls get totally nude except for Ines keeping her heels on. Linsey goes down first on Ines, licking her pussy and filling her mouth with Ines' sweet cunt nectar. Ines returns the compliment, licking Linsey's pink hole and driving LDM crazy. They are in T&P heaven. Ines gets one of the funkier-looking pussy dongers shaped like a bug with a probe for the clit next to the toy's shaft. This will vibrate both inside their pussies and on their clits, and it has speed controls. The two mega-stars work over their pussies like crazy, really mashing their cunts with this device. It's an out-of-control fling! They go wilder than wild. This scene is from Linsey's double-disc DVD Maximum Insertion.
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