Pink Dress, Pretty Flower, Giant Dildo

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Description:Karina looks so pretty with her hair down and a big, pink flower on her wrist. That pink dress looks nice on her, too. Looking at her from the waist up, a person might think, "What a sweet, pretty, young girl. So innocent." Okay, all of that was dead-on until the "innocent" part. Because look further down. Check out the stockings Karina is wearing. That's when you start to realize, "This is going to heat up in a hurry." And it does. The tits come out. The pussy gets spread. And then, Karina pulls out a big, purple dildo that she proceeds to stuff her pussy with. sweet? Yeah. Pretty? Definitely. Young? Yep! But innocent? The flower stays on. The dildo plunges deeper. People who see Karina in the stores or the classroom know only what they see. But the members of know the real Karina.
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