White Stockings

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Tags:room, nice, real, love, little, toes, beautiful, stockings, going, myself, adore, stocking, legs, filthy, don, voyeur, home, care, touch, yourself

Description:"You know I'm a real stocking and leg fetishist. I absolutely love my long, beautiful legs, and I love when they're worshipped by little boys like you. I adore it. Get a good look. Get a nice, good look at those toes. And you know what? That's as close as you're gonna get to them. Here are the rules: You have to touch yourself. Do you understand? I want you to touch yourself like you're home alone. You got it? And your eyes are going to stay on me. Do you understand? But I want you on the other side of the room. I don't want your filthy, little hands on me. No I don't. I can take care of myself. Thank you so much. But I do love a voyeur...just don't get too close, I'd hate to have to hurt you."
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